Quick Questions with Martin Hood

This week our Principal of Hood Estate Agents, Martin Hood, celebrated the mark of his 28th year working in Real Estate. This is a very exciting milestone, so I have decided to dedicate this week’s journal article to asking Marty a few questions on the run.

1.Why did you choose real estate as your next career move? 

I grew up working as a laborer for my father and brother who were Bricklayers and had an early love of housing design and architecture. Having built houses, as well as funded them as a Lending Officer in the bank, the last thing was to sell them!

2. How did you get into the real estate world?

A friend I used to work with at the Commonwealth Bank left to enter Real Estate and I was jealous it wasn’t me! Lou and I actually ended up buying our home through her. Not long after that, the CBA went through some restructuring, so I ended up leaving the bank and went to work at Colonial Real Estate in Annerley

3. Do you remember your first sale and how long had you been working in real estate before you made that first sale?

Absolutely! I had been informed on Day 5 by the business owners’ partner that I was too nice for Real Estate and unless I changed, I would not survive. I replied; “if that is what I need to be, then you are right that I won’t survive because I will continue being me and providing good customer service like I did at the bank, and treat people the way they want to be treated” – I sold my first house in Annerley the very next day and 49 houses in my first year, winning Salesperson of The Year within the 4 office franchise of 37 salespeople.

4. When did you become a Principal?

1995 at the age of 32. I partnered with Allan Dreyer and was one of the younger Principals at the time.

5. What has been a moment you’ll never forget in real estate?

Plenty of highlights but I do remember my first sale over $2m in 2003 ($2.2m in fact) which had a 13-month settlement period. It was a record for Highgate Hill riverfront in 2003 but I wasn’t allowed to advertise the sale as it had not settled. By the time it did settle, another home had taken out the record

6. Surely, working 60-plus hours every week over 28 years, you must be sick of this industry. Is that the case at all?

Real Estate is relentless and if you love the industry, it is very difficult to switch off completely as you always need to be either servicing your clients and customers, training or looking for new business. However, I can’t see myself changing careers as I still love the thrill of it all and what is to come.

7. How do you spend your free time or relax?

When I do get some time to myself, I love to explore literature works around architecture and design, particularly Mid-Century. Music is my escape, working on our home and travelling when time allows.

8. The market is so hot at the moment, how are you dealing with it all?

The media and the public seem to be of the belief that all Real Estate Agents are making a fortune at present and there is no effort required to sell a property. In very few circumstances is that a true statement, but the reality is that we are all selling roughly the same volume as we do each year. What has gone up, is the price and the speed of the offers made to purchase. An experienced agent will always ensure that they are doing everything they can; even in this hot market to obtain a great price and just not a quick sale for their clients.

9. Do you think buying a property is still in reach for the average Australian? 

Yes, I do have that belief. Those finding it daunting may need to adjust their thinking. I encourage first home buyers who are entering the market to accept that they may need to compromise on their initial expectations of where they buy and appointments.

10. How many more years do you think you’ll be in this business?

No plans to retire for some time. I believe that I am current still, and when that possibly changes might be the time I slow down.

11. Am I going to win an employee award at the Christmas Party this Saturday?

If you can spell check my answers and improve their grammar, then possibly yes Annie!


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